Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I'll Cry Instead - The Beatles (1964)

In June, 1964, United Artists' released their soundtrack to "A Hard Day's Night". They were very anxious to get this LP out, so- excepting "Can't Buy Me Love"- EMI sent them rough mono mixes of all the songs. Meanwhile, Capitol Records- the label The Beatles were signed to in pretty much all the western hemisphere- somehow lost the rights to this gold mine of an album. They decided to release a "semi-soundtrack" with an album titled "Something New". The company was also sent the same rough mono mixes of the tunes featured in the flick- plus one which was supposed to be in the movie.......
......and that song was "I'll Cry Instead"
This Country-Rock flavored tune was originally going to be used during the police chase scene but director Richard Lester felt it wasn't quite right. Instead, he decided to repeat the hit "Can't Buy Me Love". He also (stupidly) cut "You Can't Do That' from the concert sequence at the end of the movie. Regardless, non of the fans had a clue about all this behind the scenes stuff. 
Meanwhile, "I'll Cry Instead" wound up on the UA soundtrack. The reason being, the album was released before the film, therefore, they were unaware it was deleted. Strange fact: UA released the soundtrack and the movie. You think they would have known? Go figure.
"I'll Cry Instead" was recorded in two sections. IMHO, the reason for this would have to be- when The Beatles run back into the police station- the audio of "Can't Buy Me Love" is lowered so we can hear what's being said by the Police Captain (Derek Guyler). I believe the two sections would have played separately during that scene. Anyway, because the song was originally intended for the flick, it clocked in at 2:05. After it was nixed from the film, it was properly mixed into mono and stereo and timed in around 1:48. This is the rendition which is familiar to all my friends abroad and has become the universal rendition found on the common CD of "A Hard Day's Night"- which is the UK version of the album. What caused this anomaly, you ask? Well, George Martin deleted the repeat of the first verse which found it's way onto that 2:05 version. This was not merely an edit of that specific section. The Beatles actually recorded it again for the second section of the song.
Confused yet?
Anyway, this 2:05 rendition found it's way onto all the UA pressings of the soundtrack, mono and stereo. For the latter format- aside from the goofy George Martin instrumentals- all The Beatles tunes are fake stereo (yuck). As for Capitol, their stereo "Something New" featured the final edited rendition (1:48). However, the mono pressing of the LP has the longer, deleted film version. Because Capitol had to battle the UA soundtrack, they decided to release a bunch of singles, one of which was "I'll Cry Instead / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You". The "A" side- which is the longer version- reached #25 and the flip, #95. 
By now, your brains are already frazzled, I am sure.
Anyway, here is the superior-complete-longer-mono-western-hemisphere-only version of "I'll Cry Instead". Just because I can, I am showing Capitol's original 1964 (now rare) picture sleeve but with a red and orange target label pressing. This label was in print from 1969 through 1971. Take note of the time of "I'll Cry instead". Also notice that the label states it's from the film.  It remained that way until the single was deleted in the late 1980's. Groovy, man. I thank you.

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