Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Continuation Of The Beatles Green "Starline Series" 45's Thread (11/16/16)

A continuation of my Beatles green "Starline Series" thread.....

By 1969, Capitol Records had switched over to what is now known to collectors as the red and orange "target label" (my favorite). For whatever reason, in 1971, the company decided to reissue two of the unique 1965 Starline singles on said target label: "Roll Over Beethoven / Misery" and "Boys / Kansas City". This time, they were released as regular reissues and did not bear the name "Starline". These singles were only pressed at the Jacksonville, Illinois plant and are not common. At the same time- and plant- Capitol mistakenly pressed up a small run of the Canadian 45 "All My Loving / This Boy" which- in 1964- reached #45 in the US as an import. It bears the Canadian catalog number but has US markings. Once the error was discovered, production was immediately halted and the single withdrawn. Yes, it's rare. 

CORRECTION: During my original Starline thread, I had forgotten that "Misery" was reissued in 1971 and stated it had to wait until 1980 to reappear. This thread fixes that error. I thank you.

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